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Ticket To Orbit – Book One:  Alpha City 2050

Hurtling from the dark border regions of Jupiter to the flashing lights of an orbital space station, Alpha City 2050 is the first power-packed Ticket to Orbit adventure that will send your nerves to the edge. . . and beyond! The Future Is Fantastic!  
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The book is a high quality production with full color pages. It's a very comprehensive collector's guide. It's a good book for collectors, or for just reminiscing on the toys of one's childhood. Good Work Jim!
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It is the space toy collector's dream come true. Veteran collector and author James Gillam takes us through the entire story from its beginnings in the mid 60's. Complete with product catalogs, prototypes, company histories, all the toy details imaginable, and...
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For more than 60 years the published works of J.R.R. Tolkien have delighted readers of all ages. It was in 1937 that The Hobbit first captured our hearts and stirred our imaginations. In 1955 followed the grand epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, which has been called the most influential fantasy story of all time.
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