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Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.46 x 10.85 x 8.31
Collectors Guide Publishing, Inc.; (October 6, 1999)


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The BOOK that fills the space void. Here in 160 pages you'll find all the full colour pictures, over 340 of them featuring the best space toys of the 60's. It's the first book ever devoted exclusively to Mattel's Major Matt Mason. The Mighty Zeroid Robots by Ideal Toys plus Star Team. Not to be left out in the cold of space are the most fascinating aliens this side of the galaxy. Why it's the ever-lovable Colorforms Aliens in all their many variations. You couldn't ask for more with details on production, displays, artwork and both box and toy variations and pictures, pictures, pictures. Read the childhood memories, relive the "real" NASA designed equipment that Mattel's Man in Space was based on and get prepared for a blast back into YOUR past.


Space Toys of the 60s is a great book with loads of photos! If you are a collector of Major Matt Mason, Zeroids, or Colorforms Aliens, then this book is a must for you. Plenty of detail describes variations among the different items (Did you know that Calisto had both short and long boots?), a great help for discriminating collectors. Even if you aren't a collector, but just want to remember the fun you had playing with these toys when you were younger, this book is the ticket to memory lane. I love it (and I wish I still had all of those toys!). Thanks for the memories, James!

This book provides a much-needed reference for collectors of '60s and '70s -era space toys such as Zeroids and Major Matt Mason. Even non-collectors will enjoy this book, which has many colour photos of these toys, their packages and advertisements.

H.G Wells couldn't have done better than this "Time Machine" that Mr. Gillam has produced. He left no stone unturned. Covered ALL details and variations very thoroughly. I discovered 3 OUTER SPACE MEN in my attic and a Scorpio in my basement. When I was looking for a reference guide to these 60's Spacemen, I coincidentally saw "SPACE TOYS OF THE 60's" on EBay. I said it, you'll say it: "That's how I would have done it!"

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