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ZEROIDS:  Return to Planet Zero


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away........ Peace loving, earth toiling ecobots mined the surface of their home world, Planet Zero. The Zeroid robots were miners by trade cultivating their most prize possession, power gem crystals.


These multi-colored power gems, a natural bi-product of volcanic activity on their home world were endowed with the power of molecular transformation and power regeneration.  In a time, now, long forgotten, it had been discovered by the mighty leader, King Zogg, power gems could transform large block used in the construction of temples, towers and when the Zeroid technology had advanced beyond our human limitations and understanding ... outer space beacons and interstellar space travel was initiated. 


Eons had passed and finally the Zeroid technology had matured.  Early on the Zeroids race had almost destroyed itself through the careless neglectful use of their power gems.  Unable to control themselves and not yet wise enough they fought each other for power and supremacy.  At the brink of the apocalypse they realized the error of their ways. 

A new day had begun after the dawning and with a clear understanding of the Zeroid power they forged new alliances and friendships.  The Zeroids worked together and solved decade old problems.  King Zogg decreed that they must explore their galaxy ... they must teach other civilizations.  The Zeroids would not want others to fallow the near fatal path they had tread. 

With newfound wisdom and the harnessed power of the gem crystals large alien spacecraft could be built and powered with crystallite pushing these grand spacecraft across the universe at multiple speeds of light.

Many rotations had since passed and the Zeroids had become a way station in their part of the galaxy. They had become known as the problem solvers and the peace keepers.  King Zogg and the Zeroids were also the final fill up point, the last chance to barter fuel crystals before alien spacecraft moved towards the gravitational eddies and currents that lay beyond the planet Zero. 

The great black sun lay straight ahead.  The forces of that dying sun were unknown and their computers couldn't provide much information.  All power and all matter including space crafts would be pulled into its gapping maw.  It was all  the Zeroids feared, until that day arrived ... The day of the Aliens ... the day the skies turned dark and fire showered from above ... and the story begins ...

$35.99 US


Created by Planetzeroid Inc. a Jeff Tucker company

Screen Play by James H Gillam

In association with James H. Gillam Publishing

COMING SOON: ZEROIDS: Return to Planet Zero the Book

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Paperback – 11" x 8" 160 pages full colour pages


$19.95 US  $26.95 CDN £14.95 UK




Created by Planetzeroid Inc. a Jeff Tucker company

In association with James H. Gillam Publishing. A James H. Gillam Company

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