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Description:     Ticket To Orbit – Alpha City 2050 BOOK ONE

Meet Jax Janssen,

A Space Boomer with nerves of steel. . . Jax lives for adventure – he's lived on moon bases and space stations and rocket ships in between; he's no stranger to danger.

 Meet Mason Mathews,

The Boy Genius – he's taken time travel to a whole new dimension, and can't help looking for trouble. But will everyone survive the rush?

 Meet Willis Barnaby,

The young offspring of deep-space explorers – left alone with relatives and seeking approval, he finds himself risking everything.  Will he live to tell the tale?

 Meet Kako and Yoko Lui,

The playful and mysterious twins of Alpha City.  How long will their secret last?  Are the fun and games about to end?

 The year is 2050 and Jax Janssen arrives on Alpha City with his father.   After living on the Moon for the last few years, he is excited about the space station city and meeting new friends. Little does Jax know that life is more complicated than Holo-Games.  Jax's new friends Kako and Yoko need his help to save their friends from certain disaster.  Can the teens figure out how to get a time traveling machine back to Alpha City 2050 safe and sound? Can a disabled cruiser ship, the Nautilus, make it back to Alpha City in time? Join Jax on his first great space adventure where he encounters seasoned astronauts, a teen genius, and clones. 

 Hurtling from the dark border regions of Jupiter to the flashing lights of an orbital space station, Alpha City 2050 is the first power-packed Ticket To Orbit adventure that will send your nerves to the edge. . . and beyond!

 The Future Is Fantastic!  

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 About this new and exciting series ...

Ticket To Orbit:  Alpha City 2050 – BOOK ONE and beyond

Ticket to Orbit-the series, is a high adventure, low vocabulary collection of serial novels.  It is unique as a youth novel combining exciting adventure, conflict, resolution, problem-solving, complex character development and "life lessons".

Ticket to Orbit: Alpha City 2050 soon to be joined by Ticket To Orbit: Rage of the Clones and Ticket To Orbit:  The Enemy Within, spring 2005, is aimed squarely at the male demographic.  This new series features among the characters strong males and female heroines.  There is a focus on parental figures and the aged.  

This series has been written for the middle school student.  Teens in grades nine, ten and eleven in general literature or demonstrating below average reading skills will be able to read this novel discovering that it deals with contemporary issues that impact youth on a daily basis. 

Ticket To Orbit-the series, is written in short (five pages or less) "scenes" rather than extended chapters to capture the short attention span of this youth target market.  The high adventure and intrigue is meant to captivate with snappy dialogue and rapid pace.  Much like watching a movie, Ticket To Orbit-the series, moves between scenes providing four stories that merge at the apex of each novel. 

For the scholastic market, Ticket To Orbit-the series can be purchased with a Teachers Guide.  This module will promote learning, providing up to thirty lesson plans per 192 page novel that may be photocopied and distributed in class settings.  It is expected an entire Teachers Guide and class curriculum will take on average six weeks to complete. 

Ticket To Orbit, is available as both stand-alone but may be purchased at a discount for class sets.  Class sets (comprising twenty-five books) will include a gratis Teachers Guide.  Teachers Guides with accompanying curriculum can be ordered separately at minimal cost.  Volume discounts are available for school purchases. 

Come join us now for the grand adventure of growing up!  Blast ahead forty-six years into the future and see what life may be like.  Buckle your safety belts and straps yourselves in tight ... it's going to be a wild ride.

The Future is Fantastic!

About the authors;

James Gillam operates a successful therapy practice.  Having provided counseling services to both children and youth for the past twenty-two years he comes with a vast degree of knowledge and experience.  He is a formidable communicator dialoging with youth in a way that is meaningful, fun and educational.  James is no stranger to writing with Ticket To Orbit: Alpha City being his fourth book.  He s penned last year's screenplay and indie cult hit, Zeroids: Return to Planet Zero.

Julie Johnston is an educator teaching grades nine through twelve.  She brings to Ticket To Orbit-the series, many years of literature experience and a passion for journalism. 

With the combined talents and over thirty years of experience working with and for youth this dynamic pair of writers have created an exciting and educational space epic series for an often overlooked population

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